The Boy / Inside / High Tension / Home Movie

The Boy (2015)
Ted’s story A 9-year-old boy who will have to live with a desperate father. Raising him in a motel in the middle of his nook and in the sorrow that the little boy must meet alone. Even if he had a father, he wouldn’t be able to help him. Causing the little boy to suppress the madness in his mind Until one day He met a wanderer. And this wanderer To awaken the madness that he had accumulated for a long time to erupt And change to normal child Turn into a villain that the world will never forget …
Feeling in the moment of looking The mood is very close to Goodnight Mommy, to me, but this topic is even more frustrating. And the story is not as complicated as Goodnight Mommy, but there are still some scenes where we need to interpret the feelings of baby Ted.

Inside (2007)
The plainness of the plot is out of the question, deterring the savage for this French horror movie. Even though the whole story was just a battle between two women in a tiny house, one had to protect his life, including the fetus, while the other came for something. But the movie created a full-fledged crisis of emergency that would happen more than expected. Until causing the audience to be thrilled with a breathless excitement From an accurate shock shock Including the fierceness in the killing scenes Which believe that dessert can be eaten at all Many scenes from the Hollywood side have not dared to think, for example, giving an 8-month pregnant woman by hitting with a cane at the belly until the amniotic fluid burst out. This is a movie that has ended. Almost everyone really needs to get up and check the tightness of every door and window in the house.

High Tension (2003)
It would be bad luck carrying the bad luck of fans and suburban families in this movie. A good place was raided by criminals to kill unkindly to the house. Not even a small child, a red child Finished, the busy villain even took some family members with him. So chasing after to save the captured took place. Along with the shocking truth about the identity of the villain revealed This has successfully opened a new era of horror movies in France. It is the first lot of beautiful diamonds that have been sent out to announce strength to the world that There is no good, but perfume. However, the script will do a bloody movie. Is not inferior to any other nation Appearances in media rounds that play take the audience out of the theater in a line. Because he could not stand the shocking scene The deadly slash was the first proof that High Tension was just the right evil leg.

Home Movie (2008)
Normal plot, but full of horror that invites the most haunting and horrifying story of the Poll family. Looking outside, they are like other families, but what makes them unlike other families is Their sons and daughters have often performed strange acts and acts of resistance to religion. At the beginning, the father felt that Their child may sometimes be possessed by a demon spirit, but in reality it isn’t. Because what they are is not being possessed by Satan. However, it is their own children who are “demons”.
P.S. Child actors who play as sons and daughters perform in a very mental manner until they have to give a thumbs up.